I've done my best to make this site bilingual - you can choose between English and Polish.

Please mind, however, that I create any content in English first; and then I translate it into Polish. Therefore certain things might sound or look a bit awkward in Polish... (like this paragraph, for example)

At the same time, as much as I wish it were, English is not my native language - so it is possible I've made some grammatical mistakes in the English version.

Feel free to contact me to report any such issues.


I love finding out where things come from originally, therefore I consider etymology and language history absolutely fascinating.

I have noticed that the easiest way to learn and remember something is to find out everything about it, from its very origin.

I hope you will notice that reading my blog.


There is nothing tastier than a juicy etymology.

Nie ma nic smaczniejszego od soczystej etymologii.

Map of Ireland

Reverse Plastic Paddy

You could also call me a "reverse plastic Paddy".

I was born and raised in Poland, but came to Ireland with my family in my late twenties.

Since then Ireland, with its charming Hiberno-English, its multiplicity of accents on such a small area and its people's laid-back attitude, has become my and my family's home.